Razor delivery does not require OTP or credentials for address confirmation for your delivery Our Customer Support team is reachable only from our website or app Please do not transfer money to any payment links as we take only cash and card payments

Delivery Service

We are on time. Always on time. we know the time importance. Faster than you can imagine. Experience fast service.

Effortless onboarding

Create recurring tasks with various rules as per your business needs.

Real-time data

Your drivers follow the assigned route by google maps and complete all deliveries on time.

Proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery is the receipt for the transportation of goods delivered. in-app collection of photos, signatures, barcodes and notes primary functions

Analyze and improve

Enhance your delivery services with end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch and real-time tracking

Dispatch efficiently

Your order is delivered. We hope you like it!


Deliver Profiles

Add Manual Delivery

Custom Deliveries

All Deliveries

Proof Of Delivery

Live Location

Daily Summary

Real-time analytics


Our delivery feature building your locations

Scan Deliveries

You shall scan the order using a barcode scanner, and it shall be easy to add order details.

Manage deliveries

We'll help you manage your deliveries with ease and convenience.

Delivery Details

You manage delivery all your retail locations easily, quickly, and intelligently.

Route optimization

The most efficient route to ensure you slash fuel costs, waiting time, and time-to-deliver.

Proof Of Delivery

You can choose to enable all of those features when your drivers make a delivery.

Driver Profile

customers is reviews and ratings from current Delivery Drivers


Communicate with your entire team inside a private, secure chat platform.


Export the data to any reporting platform you choose, so you can improve your delivery business, every day.