Razor delivery does not require OTP or credentials for address confirmation for your delivery Our Customer Support team is reachable only from our website or app Please do not transfer money to any payment links as we take only cash and card payments

What's on our minds

Your drivers will have all the information they need to make quick and
easy deliveries. If something changes, it’s easy to adjust on the fly

Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics provide businesses with valuable insights into their operations, enabling them to make informed decisions and continuously improve their performance. By using these tools, businesses can gain a competitive edge and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Save Time

Saves time by providing a convenient and efficient way to access goods and services. You get delivered just about everything from your favourite stores at any time, including foods, drinks, household essentials, medications, and more….

On-Hand Summary

Restaurants and businesses are organized by category, and you can easily search or filter restaurants based on the type of cuisine. The ability to set up the Razor delivery in minutes is also a benefit, as it allows businesses to get up and running quickly without the need for extensive technical expertise or training. This can be especially valuable for small businesses or those with limited resources.

Our Principles

With our all-in-one delivery software, you can effortlessly provide and oversee deliveries without any commission fees. The setup process takes just a few minutes, and you can automate the entire delivery management process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make prescription delivery effortless for patients, and we are dedicated to helping pharmacies achieve this goal. Our entire team, including our software developers and drivers, is committed to providing the most convenient and hassle-free service for both pharmacies and their customers.